In case you own a netbook you will have notified that it has a really small keyboard. This means problems while typeing if you're used to regular key spacing. So you want to use an external keyboard, preferrably one with an integrated touchpad or trackball.

This is where the trouble starts. The industry either offer you mini sized keyboards with an integrated touchpad with wheel emulation which again do not have regular key spacing or keyboards with regular key spacing with an integrated trackball but no wheel.

Thus a wheel emulation for the latter type of keyboard is required. This is where tbwheel comes in. Just start tbwheel, insert your keyboard-with-trackball device, select it from the tbwheel list and you're done. If you want to emulate the mouse wheel just press and hold either SHIFT or CTRL while moving the trackball.

The tbwheel utility memorizes the selected device for all users as for a netbook there may be different accounts but usually only a single real user. You can find precompiled binaries for the WIN32 tray application as well as the sources on the downloads page.

The Linux version of this utility is available too on the downloads page. Note that the Linux version uses either the SHIFT or the ALT key. Note that the Linux version is not Distro ready so it is for users experienced enough to modify their system setup without ruining it.